Shooting range rental

Would you like to organize an event here?

Rent for a customer with a gun licence

Customer will use their own gun and ammunition.

1-3 people – 30 € per hour

4-6 people – 60 € per hour

The price includes in addition to the shooting range access hearing protection, safety glasses, target sheets (per person) and tape.

Shooting range and a gun (Glock 17 or revolver SW .38 Special) rent for a person with an appropriate gun licence.

30 € (for rent) +10 € (for gun) per hour

Rent for unlicenced customer

Rent of a shooting range 30€ per hour

Gun rent 10€ per hour

Instructor fee 30€ per hour

Ammunition sale on location according to the terms of payment.

Rent of a seminar room

We also rent seminar rooms for training. The room will accommodate 25 people. The rent fee includes whiteboard and video projector usage.

10 € per hour

50 € per day (5-8 hours)

Sauna and lounge rent 30€ per hour. The rent fee includes a meeting room, dressing room and a fridge.

VAT will be added to the fees.

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