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Mente et ferro -

Surprise your friend with amazing adrenaline rush!

You can also choose just one gun and practice Your skills with it (My TopGun package).

Package for One


We are waiting for You at TopGun shooting range because we have set up a package that is fit both for beginners and advanced practitioners to better the aim. It is also suitable for children from the age of 12. We start with a seminar about gun culture and safety, then we will give You knowledge and teach some skills necessary for proper shooting. After that, we will introduce the guns and then START.

Package for One


This package is for people keen on moderation, but who are still willing to broaden their horizons. But do not worry! Despite a few weapons offered, thanks to various options of calibres the thrill is guaranteed.

Package for One


This package is meant for a true gunslinger who will never pass on a chance to shoot from various guns.

Package for One


This package is meant for a true connoisseur who appreciates both quantity AND quality.

Package for One


Everything in abundance! This package is a recipe for rebirth! The energy rush is absolute!

Package for One


This package for children includes an introduction to tactical shooting, gun safety, secure gun handling code and shooting practice.

Tactical shooting is a discipline, with three main components: strength, speed and aim.

Shooting exercises:

  • Practice shots (5 shots) from the chosen gun;
  • Short distance range „ElMinistro+“ (6 shots);
  • Medium distance range (14 shots);
  • Available gun choices Glock 17 and 19, CZ P10C, Sig-Sauer P226 or CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Orange;

Available for smaller groups (up to 10 people)

Package for Two

Best Friends Forever

Randy Newman’s You’ve Got a Friend in Me from legendary Toy Story must be an anthem for You and Your closest friend. This package is heavily inspired by the message of this song. Gun culture and shooting should start foremost with thinking and comprehension of responsibility which is then followed by a gun itself, tactics, position and finally pulling the trigger.

Pay us a visit and we will provide You TWO with a wonderful experience and a chance to do exciting things together with Your friend – best friends forever!

Package for Two


This package is meant for couples! And not only lovers but why not for two friends, mother and child, father and son, grandmother and grandfather and also divorcees – who knows how a shooting round could impact one’s life.

We will serve You ROMANTIC, a package where You can try a bit more exclusive guns for Your finer taste and romantic rendezvous. Following the guidance of the skilled instructor, will guarantee a great experience. Carpe diem!

Package for Two


If You know who is beside You, then it does not matter who is against You!

In this package for two, we have more forceful options. Come with a friend, partner, child or grandparent. Following the guidance of a skilled instructor will guarantee a great experience.

Be strong!

Package for Two

SWAT team

This package is meant for adrenaline addicts – push your limits as a SWAT team member!

SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) – this abbrreviation makes any criminal think twice. We have gathered into one package the best variety of SWAT team’s main weaponry so that You could feel like a true action film hero.

NB! SWAT team never consists of only one person but there is a whole group of people behind the name. Come with a partner and let us make You into a tactical battle squad.

Package for up to Five

With friends to the range

Come with Your friends and celebrate Your stag or hen party! Or come and participate with Your crew in a friendly competition! Package for up to Five. Every additional shooter 35 €

For the Group

Corporate events

Come with Your co-workers and experience true camaraderie-in-arms! Shared experiences and the powerful emotion one gets from shooting, unifies a team better than anything else. You have options to choose from between simple shooting practices and exciting simulations. Aside from thrilling emotions, You can also get memories in the form of photographs.

After shooting You can also have a quick training or a meal in our seminar room and recreational area.

We will make a deal that is best for you.

My TopGun

This package is meant for an experienced client, who knows to appreciate the characteristics of specific guns and the experience those guns can give.

You can choose Your own preference from our big arsenal of guns. By picking five or more different weapons we offer 5% off; by picking 10 or more, we offer 10% off.

Package for One

They are Russians

“... are you gangsters?“ “No, we are Russians!“ БРАТ

This package is meant for those who still remember the turbulent times a few decades ago, have experiences in the Soviet Army or would not say no to a bit of nostalgia. All the action film fans are welcomed as well! The adrenaline rush is guaranteed!

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